summer catch-all

so, i'm a semi-infrequent blogger. at best. ah well.

returning to my gender studies musings, I've started Queer as Folk season 1, and I'm delightfully outraged with each and every episode (so far). my housemate puts up with me yelling at the television for hours on end.

i saw the national, earlier this week, in detroit. that event merits its own post, for sure.

i'm still reading, simplifying, and tidying up loose ends in preparation of my leaving for OR in 2 weeks (!!)
it will take adjustment, but i look forward to unplugging from the internet and being forced to engage texts and nature with others.

i've been closing out the dance floor, and i got a tattoo.
i'm missing my boys already.

i'm inspired by fall, disposable camera goodness, and breakfast foods (my favorite).