up and running

okay. i don't know why the photos are so small. anyways, this blog is being resurrected! primarily to tell of my travels to Africa this fall. I leave in two weeks for Ghana to stay for a 4-month semester. This summer has been incredibly short, but i packed it as best i knew how, and i feel the pace is moving along nicely. i'm still packing and still need to purchase a few things and pack up everything from my room here. so...what's been going on?

hanging out on the roof. weekdays and weekends blur. sleepovers with the housemates.

smoke breaks. my housemates are smoking fiends.

the beach at lake michigan. new friends, acquaintances, and get-togethers. knitting nights and tie-dye parties.

new drama becomes old drama. life goes on. harry potter opening night. late-night househunting and slurpees.

grass under feet. reading in the cemetery, on the roof, on the porch. being outdoors. house retreat.

taking long walks and longer bike rides. yoga practice. cooking experiments every week.

small road trips. local hospitality. neighbors. bike lust.