so. college.
i know the vision, the purpose, the "why" we are made to do (most) of the things we do.
the assignments, readings, projects, papers, research
but...the time?
thats what makes me question "why"?
when average life expectancy is 80 years, barely enough time to test drive this experience we call "life", why do we spend 4 (or 5) years of it in this place which makes us so busy thinking that we often forget to think?
so consumed with the technicalities of writing that we would never turn to it as a pasttime? or put soulful passion into cranking out 9 pages, double-spaced?
so daunted by the 75 pages of nightly reading for 3 combined classes that the thought of reading for pleasure exhausts us?
so scheduled with the perfect academic-extracurricular load that the prospect of diversion tempts, haunts, and terrifies us,
so driven are we to maintain pristine time management
so compartmentalized are we that after the scheduled time for cultural discerning, for church, for bible study, philosophy, art history, sociology- after the period passed it's back to your regularly scheduled program, what's next on the schedule?
i leave my cultural discerner meeting, having debated modernism, post-modernism, pop culture, church rhetoric...i want to simply sit and work through it, maybe with a friend to bounce ideas off of, but neither me nor my companion has the luxury of the hours. we must scurry on to the homework for tomorrow, and it is already nearly midnight. oh well. put it away for ome other time.
but what happens if these things keep being "put away" for "another time"?
to me that sounds like it could be detrimental, to myself and others, on many levels.
i get the concept, but in reality it more often seems to get in the way of dynamic, electrifying, readily-applicable learning.
...besides digging most of us into a financial gaping maw.
that's the added bonus.


coming soon: (when I have time, haha)
my outfits
movie- "the hours"
movie- "in bruges"
movie- "amelie"


acutally getting some sleep...

i was out running for two hours today. never would i have thought i would last- especially on 4 hours of sleep, and being out of shape- but me and a buddy were out for that long. we did take a few short walking breaks, but then you start again and again...the feeling is amazing, like your body could do anything if you pushed it long enough. you just want to run and run till you are absolutely empty and depleted. well, not every day (not for me), but today was one of those great times.

college has had such a hectic start (not that that is an excuse), and i admit my personal time with God has been largely neglected. but today i start again. from my devotions: in Luke 20:35 Jeusus is speaking about whether there will be marriage in Heaven, and He says we "will have better things to think about, if you can believe it. All ecstasies and intimacies then will be with God". think of how groundbreaking- how exciting- that is. we can't fathom it as humans.


fashion what?

well, as some of you may know, this past week was fashion week for the spring '09 season, and...i couldn't be more, excited, but i have a million other things on my mind right now! but, of course, the blogosphere is ablaze with collages and opinions, so i will turn you over to the trusty camille of childhood flames fame- check out her take on the upcoming season. i think she is fabulous.

things on my mind recently:

-last week, which was only my first week of school, felt like an eternity. is this how the whole year will be? i havent had time to catch my breath yet!
-i will (Lordwilling) be spending interim (january term) in new england, visiting all sorts of historical sites linked to various late-19th-century new england authors. i'm super excited! ("super excited"? who says that?)
-i'm still confused about course requirements for my interdisciplinary major...i don't quite have it all figured out just yet, and, naturally, that kind of scares me
-i was asked to be a part of a regular chapel team (meaning i would practice with a regular group and help lead chapel singing every monday), but i have scheduling conflicts that hopefully will be worked out
-how easy was it for me to spend hours watching episode after episode of random media this summer, and now if i have an hour to spend, i have a long prioritized mental list of what to do with that time (sleep being near the bottom, of course)
-new music!!

"Glosoli" by Sigur Ros
what great anticipation and tension!!

"Swag" by Teyana Taylor
i'm not usually big on female artists, but this is pretty tight.



vintage thrifted short-sleeve black jacket with tortoiseshell sailor buttons
H&M black tank
F21 painted skirt
white sandals

this is my friend bradley
he is in
Hot Topic skinnies
blue pinstriped longsleeve blouse, worn under
dark grey henley
worn denim chucks (gift from me!)


i've been in a lot of black, grey...days when i dont feel like dressing i go back to my uniform of dark skinnies and a white v-neck. i'm as excited about fashion week as i can be under my hectic circumstances :)
there's been lovely rain here for a few days- the only downside is that the humidiy does not treat my skin or hair well at all.



ok. so now it's my turn to apologize. my life has taken off, and i am barely holding on. i'm ridiculously overscheduled this semester (18+ credit hours, 2 jobs, leadership...). so as soon as i have time to catch my breath (maybe sleep a little?), the updates will come. because i have alot to talk about, believe you me. and outfits! outfits. so fun pictures, anyone?


new week- new life

well, i have been moving in this past week, and seeing friends, of course. classes start tomorrow. i'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers as i try to navigate this year.
i'm quite excited for my new leadership position, the culteral discerner (CD). i am part of a team who try to analyze pop culture (often film and music) from a Christian perspective, because w believe that God made humans to enjoy culture, and culture needs to be redeemed through the Holy Spirit. the concept is a bit esoteric, but i have high hopes for the program. and we have an awesome concert season this year!!


"the wackness". i had looked foward to seeing this for quite some time, but it wasnt what i expected. actually, it was one of the saddest movies i had seen in a long time. sad in that harsh-melancholy-reality-of-life kind of way. but i truly embraced the message it sent out- to cherish life. don't numb it all away or take the safe route all the time. one of the best scenes in the movie- luke, the main character, asks stephanie to stand still, and not to say anything to change the moment of him having his heart broken. she asks why, and he says "because it's never happened to me before". he embraced that raw emotion, with the knowledge that eventually he would overcome it. overall, the movie was too crass (sexually) for my tastes, and i was embarrassed at times to be watching it in mixed company. but it was worth it.


"trainspotting". my friend's roommate has an awesome dvd collection, and this movie was picked at random in our quest to assimilate the entire mass of dvds. i have read many harrowing memoirs of hard drug addiction, and seen a handful of movies that attempted to illustrate said struggle, and i found this film not cliched in the least- it was very,very good. memorable characters, believable script and setting, with a plot twist at the end providing some poetic justice...again, gritty, somber material and very little comic relief, but worth it. oh-and the scottish accents were entirely charming and, of course, ewan macgregor is steamin'.

see? sexy.

more outfits coming soon- i'm trying to start an ebay store also.