mens tee that i diy'd. shredded a back panel, heightened the sleeves, and widened the neck.
pretty standard.

drove 12 hours by myself to make it back to michigan."home", for now. been settling in, unpacking.
i feel like im waiting
for my life to begin.
this summer will be slow, lazy and sweet. just what ive been needing.


im focused on fashion to divert my attention from other things i'd rather not mention

massive thrift store haul today. i'm exhausted. next on project list is a slightly shrunken denim vest. i found a perfect black jeans jacket to convert, pictures soon!

wearing this summer: basic tanks, sheer tees/tanks and bandeau bras, swingy crop striped tees

contemplating: diy fringe shoulders?! this would be amazing

for my semester in Africa this fall, my parameters are knee-length/longer skirts, wide-strap tanks or tees, sturdy sandals. i've been shopping for a streamlined pillar silhouette, as seen on mk here-- many lightweight dark-colored floor-length skirts, paired with simple tanks of summer. plus sunglasses and a killer bag.


how long can i last like this

currently inspired by:
wide necklines
loose draping
diy everything
neutrals, pops of color
90s liberty prints
sheer tee/ black bandeau trend

thank jebus for h&m, where i spent most of my last paycheck

and also, being in virginia is a mixed bag of mostly hellish content. but in the words of one of my best friends, i should have known better


i've got...

a sister. and a brother,too. being away is hard, but being back may be harder. a harrowing situation here either way.

sun daze

a haircut

house keys


the eyes! the cheekbones! the dress!

i discovered yesterday at least 5 new rockin blogs.
inspired? yes. studying? no.
2 more exams to go.
to keep you distracted:
1 2 3 4 5


closer, closer

fuel up:
dried strawberries and peanut butter
3 more days,
i tell myself
just 3 more days


vegan pizza carcasses.

vegan meat madness. amazing.


early sunday! eating breakfast with the future housemates (10 days! god bless america). making headbands like in (old) picture, plus some other varieties, for the spring arts fair on wednesday. oh, and not doing spanish homework. and i will have vegan pizza tonight!!


listening to the dodos, a new favorite. saturday putzing, story-telling, and homework avoidance. yes.



well, the internet is leaving me rather uninspired. looking forward to moving into a house for this summer, and africa after that. african cultural norms for clothing will likely put a damper on summer spending for me...and we have lara stone, killing it, as usual, some dreaming about stylish boys from college campuses way far away from here...and our standard white tanks and mens baggy jean cutoffs. i feel like everything i see is rumpled-long-straggly-luxurious hair-- l...o...n...g, however way you dice it. and i'm speeding away from that, yessir. 12 days till freedom.


some photos from the beautiful day we had earlier this week. my body may be going to (most) classes, but my mind is not there.

oh, and say goodbye to the hair. it's become burdensome, and i'm contemplating ways to chop it all off