searching for some answers

i want difficult in a way i haven't encountered before

i want to be inspired

i want people to do what they say they will, when they say they will

i want this time to pass

i can't shake this headache


well, i haven't been here in awhile
it's been all papers and projects and no sleep
that time of year
i still feel stuck

but oregon is coming
probably all too soon
i'm dangerously pinning many hopes on the semester
seeing as how now, i'm supposed to be in the most engaging classes of my major, and i couldn't be more disinterested or bored
i decided
if i was to do it over
i'd say fuck it (what's practicality in this economy anyways?)
i'd study photography and philosophy
i guess sometimes it takes all four years to see where you should have gone at the start
maybe that's what i'm getting out of all of this
i don't know



busy busy busy busy busy

but i love this


i've cooked and baked

 here's a pretty plating from a few days ago. i've got beet hummus on the right, and cilantro pesto on the right. both of these were blender-intensive, but definitely worth the results! 
recipes here and here.
 a delicious close-up of that hummus

here's the first stage of the cheesecake i made last weekend. the idea came to me one day: pear and salted caramel combination. a winner, for sure. so this is the crust and pear layer.
 so now i've added the cheesecake and more pears and caramel on top.

fresh out of the oven. so, so good.

today was the most wonderful day. biking all over town, breezes and sunshine, open windows, friends and shared meals and thrift store trips. can't i just press repeat?