well, spring break

started out with me turning 19 on saturday, closely followed by 11 hours of driving. i really feel so old already, the number itself seems abitrary.

tried as much as i could to get my mom out of the house, but (very frustratingly to me) she's very content to stay inside. more on that later...

sunshine, little sister. not quite as warm in virginia as i would have expected.

did lots of cooking, including 2 batches of vegan ice cream, banana pecan and mocha. i always look forward to making up for lost time cooking delicious things while at home, much to the dismay of my father and siblings, who are staunch meat and carbs supporters.

most unfortunately, since my health insurance runs out later this week, in addition to getting a crown put in, i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. the first day was miserable and bloody, and now i'm on my 4th day and still all swollen up and bruised. i haven't been to classes, but i'm going to start back tomorrow. it's amazing how people will behave- not looking me in the eye, trying to hide their staring. i've had time to think about it, and i've decided to try and brave it well, for the sake of my mother if nothing else. i may get a tiny taste of what she experiences every time she leaves the house.
"you look cute"
what does that even mean?
use your brain and find a real adjective, please
new posts coming soon


killer moto vest tee. find it here.
one more class before spring break. packing tonight. everyone's antsy.


fashion cycles but never changes

leather sandals (sandals in general) make my day. once it's warm enough, i can't wear anything else.

i'm starting to wear color again

love chambray and mens cutoffs for spring and summer. i'm still looking for the perfect pieces.

transition look: colorful, tasteful dress with tough black accessories. easy, chic


job-hunting. while listening to crystal castles. it's pretty rad stuff.


good party. they'll get better. paper-writing and spanish today. 6 days till break.
i got the official word that me and my friend were "accepted" into this intentional living community that we've been courting, so i'm very relieved i'll have somewhere to live this summer, with old and new friends.


i have felt the need to start this up again.
it's weird to think i am turning (only) 19 on saturday. i feel so much older.
my life has been:
paper chains, visual media, spring transition, countdown to break, grasping for friends, making coffee, job interviews, house hunt, camera neglect, dead hampster, melancholy music (suitable for all moods), getting back in shape, talisman in my hair, homework homework, stravinsky and brahms, paper cranes, evil voices in my head, writer's block, walking on the ceiling, muscling through classes, diy everything, heartstrings, and so much more.
for spring, nude is the trend, but i want to wear color again. i'll be a parisienne bohemienne.
throwing a party tonight. i'm excited.