long day

lace top- thrifted vintage, wool skirt- old navy, leggings- had forever, no-name equestrian boots

can't see it very well, but this is my favorite new purchase- a thick black knit maxiskirt. super comfy, super warm, versatile- i wore it with a thrifted gray tee, and later with black boots, brown mix plaid shirt, and fur-ish jacket. very inspired by mary-kate- see here

grey top (underneath)- h&m, grey cardigan- vintage thrifted, belt- thrifted, skirt- thrifted, altered, leggings- had forever, navy sneakers- thrifted, black scarf- h&m


a very weird, long day today...spent most of it in the ER with my friend bradley. hopefully he will feel better soon. wearyness only sweetened by chocolate ice cream with raspberries. and now i have to finally start studying for tomorrow's midterm...



just some of my latest favorite images from the blogosphere. sources include: the selby blog, polaroid.net, olsens anonymous, wwwd, and lookbook.nu.

some things i've been thinking about lately:
my spring schedule
getting my interdisciplinary major approved
acquiring boots!!
staying in MI this summer to work and take classes
where would i live this summer??...
taking care of my friends

i just wish i had more time! more time for reading, talking, coffee drinking, poetry listening, running, yoga, traveling, taking classes, studying, sleeping (ha! now that's pushing it...)

now i'm off to an orchestra concert that must write a report on afterwards. oh, what joy...


the weekend's outfits

dress- thrifted, altered
grey herringbone tights- Gap
heels- Tommy Hilfiger
tan sweater- thrifted
black scarf- H&M

white mens vneck
nautical sweater- thrifted
express miniskirt- thrifted
black tights- had forever
black boots- ross
this is one of my favorite outfits. so comfy and perfect for a rainy fall day

plaid shirt- thrifted
black v-neck (underneath)- Gap, project red
grey jeans- hot topic
black boots- ross
again, very confy, functional, but still lookin put together


did pilates in my room today and i feel great. i think i had forgotten how much better your body feels when you work out- i've jut not had much time recently!
future project (hopefully)- a frayed tee, like camille's


new music

1. land of talk
i first saw this canadian trio opning for broken social scene (a great concert!). i instantly developed a itty bitty girl-crush on the lead singer, with her trendy haircut, cute style, BA boots, and soulful voice. their rock-ish music is real easy to listen to- and i LOVE the ballad "it's okay" from the new album. i have had it on repeat for the past few weeks.

2. the psalters
a world-grunge/folk-rock (what does that even MEAN?, you ask) band from pennsylvania, although that label hardly begins to describe the breadth and depth of their art.
from their website: "we are a nomadic community of psalmists. Currently 8 people, 2 dogs, 1 robot, 2 ships. More than 100 psalters from 12 countries have been involved over the years. We are on the road after our First Love, the refugee King....for whom we pledge our only allegiance. It’s not only us...we’re just the banner wavers of a little army out here just beyond your city walls. You can come along if you’re a miserable wretch....but unfortunately there is not enough room for the generally good people. Don’t fret. You wouldn’t like this road....it’s dirty (and greasy)."
sounds like: "the percussive clank of chain links attached to dozens of defiant stomping feet across the marbled business floor desert, fists raised high, open mouthed screaming brittle sirens over the hum of computers, air filtration systems and the muddy thud of a thousand apathetic hearts".
from their manifesto: "As followers of El Elyon , the Suffering Servant, we seek not to make music for music’s sake, but for God’s sake; through His Grace, for His Glory. We wanna be like the temple musicians who first performed the psalms over three thousand years ago. Occasionally scholars refer to these temple musicians as ‘psalters’. They were people intending to glorify God through music. They did not perform for the sake of entertainment, utility, or artistic expression."
all i can really say is listen to them, read their literature, and be changed.



so, this week has been kind of killer, and i have been plain exhausted all day today. these outfits are from earlier this week, because today i was wrapped in the big comfy sweater and sporting my (old as the hills) converse high-tops.


old navy tank (oatmeal-colored)
target shortsleeve black sweater
ratty black H&M skirt
tommy hilfiger heels
thrifted navy blazer
H&M black scarf

mens white tee
thrifted lumberjack shirt
old navy skinnies
thrifted vintage leather bomber
thrifted allweather boots


i made a very successful trip to a new health foods store this past weekend
! it was exciting.

frozen dark sweet cherries- one of the best desserts ever!

tofurkey beer brats- questionable coloring, but very tasty
tofutti better than cream cheese- i am a cream cheese addict, so we'll see how long this treat will last me.


future projects (if i ever find the time) include
thrifting/ebay-ing some sweet boots and vintage sweatshirts
ebay-ing a broken in pair of chucks and studding them myself, sort of like this
bleached jeans and tees

and sleeping and working out would be nice, too

coming up- new music post!



it's been all rainy and dim today. not that i mind. i want to curl up in it- wrap myself in melancholy. but the closet romantic in me perseveres. above, i have compiled a few gray-day outfits i love.

a partial blur of what i wore today. trusty gladiators, old navy skinnies (cuffed), a giant thrifted gray tee, belted w/ my vintage levi's leather belt, worn with my vintage thrifted leather bomber jacket. more/better photos coming soon.